دوره آموزشی استاندارد و بین المللی LPIC-1این دوره آموزشی پایه و پیش نیاز دوره های متن باز دیگر میباشد.

هرچند که خود این دوره پیش نیاز خاصی جز آشنایی اولیه با کامپیوتر ندارد.

این دوره در ۲۴ ساعت برگزار می شود.

سر فصل های این دوره در زیر مشخص است:

course contents

Exploring Linux Command-Line Tools

                Understanding Command-Line Basics

                Using Streams, Redirection, and Pipes

                Processing Text Using Filters

                Using Regular Expressions

Managing Software

                Package Concepts

Using RPM

Using Debian Packages

Converting Between Package Formats

Package Dependencies and Conflicts

Managing Shared Libraries

Managing Processes

Configuring Hardware

                Configuring the Firmware and Core Hardware

                Configuring Expansion Cards

                Configuring USB Devices

                Configuring Hard Disks

                Designing a Hard Disk Layout

                Creating Partitions and Filesystems

                Maintaining Filesystem Health

                Mounting and Unmounting Filesystems

Managing Files

                Using File Management Commands

                Managing File Ownership

                Controlling Access to Files

                Managing Disk Quotas

                Locating Files

Booting Linux and Editing Files

                Installing Boot Loaders

                Understanding the Boot Process

                Dealing with Runlevels and the Initialization Process

                Using Alternative Boot Systems

                Editing Files with Vi